Art Packs @ Joslyn

Art Packs are unavailable at this time.

Go exploring through Joslyn with an Art Pack!

Visit the Scott EdTech Gallery and check-out one of our theme-based backpacks. Art Packs are fun, educational tools for families and small school groups to use as they explore the Museum galleries. Each Art Pack contains objects and suggested activities that encourage children to look closely and learn about selected artworks within a particular theme or gallery. Designed for groups of up to five children (ages 5-12), accompanied by at least one adult, most Art Packs can be completed in 30-45 minutes.

Mini Art Packs

Perfect for the toddler set, each Mini Art Pack includes a board book, an educational toy, and a simple gallery looking activity. Check one out for FREE.
  • Shape - Read Ship Shapes, looks for shapes in art, and play with a shape sorting cube.
  • Big & Small - Read Opposites, look for opposites in art, and play with a unique set of building blocks.
  • Near & Far - Read Where is the Green Sheep?, look for things near and far, and put together a puzzle.
Pre-School Art Packs

These Art Packs were created for our 4 & 5 year old friends.  Each pack includes several activities and a coloring project.
  • On the Farm - Visit Stone City, Iowa in this farming adventure with artist Grant Wood.
  • Ballerina - Visit the graceful Little Dancer from artist Edgar Degas to see if you can imagine yourself as a dancer.
  • Hide & Seek - Take a peek at a small part of a work of art and then see if you can find the larger work in the galleries.
  • The Perfect Square - Read the book The Perfect Square, by Michael Hall and then explore the Joslyn's collection in a different way and create your own art.
Try these other Art Pack adventures:
  • Discovery Garden - Enjoy some fresh air and some amazing sculpture with this interactive Art Pack.
  • Impressionism - Take a step back in time with this Art Pack. Hear the sound of horse hooves clattering on cobblestone streets and practice ballet poses with
  • Sketch & Scribble - Great for all ages, this fun art pack explores different drawing and writing techniques while looking at several artworks in the permanent collection.
  • our "tiny dancer."
  • Myths & Monsters - Explore mythology throughout different cultures.
  • Geotechture - Go on an adventure to find out the type of rocks used to build Joslyn Art Museum.
  • Modern/Contemporary - What is modern or contemporary art? Check out this Art Pack to learn more.
  • Spanish Colonial - Learn about Joslyn's Spanish Colonial Art collection by going on a treasure hunt.
  • Go West - Get out your compass and go on a journey through our western art collection.

Artful Stories

Come explore the newest gallery adventure Artful Stories. Check out a book bag; pick a piece of art from the folder inside; and go to the gallery to start your adventure. Experience how the art comes to life as you compare it to the story you are reading.
  • The Curvy Tree
  • I Had a Favorite Dress
  • What Do you Do With an Idea?
  • Not Just a Dot
  • Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color
  • Fritz and the Beautiful Horses