October 6 CU at Joslyn
with Jack Gabel, Physics
2 - 3 pm

Joslyn Art Museum in partnership with Creighton University presents stimulating lectures by Creighton faculty in Joslyn’s Abbott Lecture Hall on select Sundays at 2:00 pm. CU at Joslyn, offered in collaboration with Creighton’s University College, presents a variety of topics and interdisciplinary perspectives on Joslyn’s collections or exhibitions. CU at Joslyn is free for Museum members and Creighton students and faculty with ID, and $5 for the general public.

“Imagining the Universe: The Collage of Art & Science” presented by Jack Gabel, Physics 

Art and science are typically seen as distinct modes of human expression and inquiry, with largely different subject matters and methods. However, these disciplines share some interesting areas of overlap. This talk will explore some of these intersections, drawing inspiration from pieces in the Joslyn collection. Examples of works of art that evoke imagery paralleling our scientific representation of the physical Universe will be presented, including pieces by Jackson Pollock, Charles Clough, Alexander Calder, and Jennifer Steinkamp. An overview of the astrophysical phenomena represented in the art works will be provided for context, including orbiting planetary systems, blackholes, galaxies, and the Big Bang. Examples where the products of science imitate art will also be discussed, for example when the experience of viewing a Hubble image goes beyond simple scientific understanding and how some techniques used by astronomers are best described as artistic.

Jackson Pollock, (American, 1912-1956); Galaxy, 1947; aluminum paint, oil base commercial paint, and small gravel on canvas; Collection of Joslyn Art Museum; Gift of Miss Peggy Guggenheim, 1949. 

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