September 10 Joslyn Around Town
United We Walk
3–6 pm; Joslyn Workshop 4-6 pm

Tri-Faith Initiative Bridge Activation

Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program (KBMP) is leading a collaborative art installation project for Tri-Faith Initiative's campus. Workshops will be held this summer with KBMP and Tri-Faith's houses of worship (synagogue, church, and mosque). Over 150 12-inch, solid-colored wooden circles will be brightly painted on the reverse side by participants. The finished discs will be placed along Abraham's Circle Bridge in the heart of Tri-Faith Commons. Pedestrians will experience both sides of the installation — from afar, the solid colorful circles facing outward, and, while walking the bridge, the inward-facing artwork created by workshop participants.

The bridge installation will debut at Tri-Faith's annual United We Walk event on Sunday, September 10, 3-6 pm. United We Walk brings together Omaha’s spiritual and community leaders to stand in solidarity against hatred, ignorance, and violence. KBMP will conduct an art workshop from 4–6 pm at the event, which is open to the public. Participants will create smaller circles that will be added to the larger bridge installation after the event.

Tri-Faith is located at 13136 Faith Plaza.