July 15 Virtual Lecture
6:30 pm

"American Cacophony" - Midwest Art Deco 1918-1939: A Historical Context, by Jonathan C. Hagel, Ph.D.

The decades between the First and Second World Wars gave rise to Art Deco. They also gave rise to Babe Ruth's home runs, Henry Ford automobiles, Charles Lindberg's flight across the Atlantic, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fireside chats. Few periods in American history can claim so many earth-shakers, trend-setters, and noise-makers. In this virtual talk, cultural historian Jonathan C. Hagel, Ph.D., will survey the American cultural scene of those decades, providing some context for the midwestern Art Deco movement and making sense of the harmonies and disharmonies that marked American life in the remarkable period.

Jonathan C. Hagel is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of History at the University of Kansas (Lawrence), where he has taught courses on the Great Depression, the history of American moviegoing, and American cultural history as well as the history of his adopted home, Kansas, and the broader history of the Great Plains.

Free program presented via Zoom; advance registration is required by 4 pm, day of event. Questions? Contact Nancy Round, Director of Education and Outreach at (402) 661-3859 or nround@joslyn.org