May 19 Symphony Joslyn
1:00/1:25 - 3:00 PM

The Omaha Symphony presents its 2018-19 Symphony Joslyn Series in Joslyn’s Witherspoon Concert Hall on six select Sundays, September through May, at 2 pm.  Joslyn curators present pre-concert gallery talks at 1 pm and 1:25 pm showcasing works of art inspired by concert themes.
Bizet's Symphony in C
Carmen composer George Bizet wrote his only symphony at age seventeen. A masterpiece on par with Mendelssohn’s greatest works, the symphony was—astoundingly—never played in Bizet’s lifetime. It sparkles in a program that opens with Debussy’s delightful suite and continues with Jeffrey Mumford’s radiant cello concerto, played by adventurous cello soloist and Itzhak Perlman protégé and collaborator Christine Lamprea.

Pablo Rus Broseta, conductor
Christine Lamprea, cello

DEBUSSY: Petite Suite
MUMFORD: Cello Concerto, “of fields unfolding…echoing depths of resonant light”
BIZET: Symphony in C

Gallery Talks
Pre-concert gallery talks with Joslyn curators begin at 1 pm and 1:25 pm in Pavilion Gallery 16 (participants select one session).

Kay Sage (American, 1898-1963)
Men Working, 1951
oil on canvas, 45 x 35 in.; 114.3 x 88.9 cm
Museum Purchase, 1994.19

A fitting complement to Jeffrey Mumford’s rigorous cello concerto, Kay Sages’ 1951 dreamscape, Men Working portrays a haunting world that leaves interpretation in the viewer's hands. Through artwork and poetry, Sage forged a unique path in the Surrealist movement. Emerging in Paris just after the onset of World War I, Surrealism reacted to the cultural and political conventions that had propelled modern nations into conflict. Sage and her contemporaries, most of whom were male, believed art should be a liberating force in society, and as such championed the release of the imagination through the exploration of play, dreams, and desire. Sage rejected the vibrant color palette and mind-bending imagery favored by many of the Surrealist painters, choosing instead to compose muted canvases that walk the line between realism and fantasy, and draws on the mind's capacity to blur the distinction between what is real and imagined.

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