Annual Fund - Art Shapes and Invigorates Communities

Since 1931, Joslyn Art Museum has been connecting people with are - both inside and outside the walls of the Museum.

Art Awakens
Joslyn has provided a forum to engage with art for more than eighty years. The Museum continues to expand its voice through engaging special exhibitions, transformative acquisitions, and educational public programming. The Riley CAP Gallery allows for a unique focus on living artists that strengthens Joslyn’s contemporary art offerings. Your support ensures that Joslyn continues to offer free access and exposure to art and artists of our time.

Art Connects
Joslyn engages the community at large, using art to make connections and to celebrate Omaha’s rich diversity. Museum staff builds relationships with new Americans through weekly arts programming at the Refugee Empowerment Center. Art to Remember, a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, welcomes Museum visitors with dementia and their caregivers to reminisce and reflect on their own life stories through conversation in the galleries. From community outreach programs to specialized tours and resources for classrooms to professional development training for teachers - your support ensures that art is accessible to all.

Art Inspires
Joslyn is dedicated to serving and engaging all ages with art. From Stroller Tours to Art Packs to classes and camps, visitors can tailor-make their personal Museum experiences. A family favorite, ART WORKS: A Place for Curiosity offers one-of-a-kind activities for exploring creativity and connecting to the galleries. There is something for every age – all for free. Your support ensures that Joslyn remains the place to be for families.

Thank you for believing in Joslyn. We would not be able to connect our community to art without you and your support. Please make a tax-deductible gift this year and help continue our work both in and out of the Museum.

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