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Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase 1000 PC Puzzle

Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase 1000 PC Puzzle
Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase Maria van Oosterwyck 1000 Piece Puzzle - 19.25" x 26.63"

Sku No.:  19310132
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This 1000 piece puzzle of Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase by Maria van Oosterwyck (Dutch, 1630–1693),was created exclusively for Joslyn. The painting depicts a loosely arranged bouquet consisting of roses, tulips, apple blossom, morning glory, periwinkle, lilac, iris, carnation, hollyhock, columbine, and larkspur, which appear in different states of bloom in a short, reflective glass vase. Stems and long grasses are interwoven throughout; butterflies, a bumblebee, and other insects settle on several flowers; and five assorted shells and an additional butterfly appear in the foreground on a marble ledge inscribed with the artist’s name. There is a dramatic contrast between foreground and background, as the flowers emerge from deep shadow in highly saturated tones, adding to the illusion of three dimensions. One of the few female painters active in Holland in the 1600s, Van Oosterwyck was a master of the floral still life. She enjoyed great success in her lifetime and counted King Louis XIV of France and King William III of England among her patrons. Her elegant floral arrangements set against dark backgrounds were especially admired for their diversity of flora, a characteristic exemplified in Joslyn’s painting.

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