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Nebraska's Post Office Murals

Nebraska's Post Office Murals

Nebraska's Post Office Murals; Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal by L. Robert Puschendorf.  112 pages; hardcover. Nebraska State Historical Society, 2012.

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The New Deal offered hope in a time of despair.  Among its most enduring visual legacies is government patronage of the arts.  In one such program, the U. S. Treasury Department commissioned murals for post offices across the nation, bringing art directly to the people.  Nebraska is home to fourteen of these murals.
Telling the stories of the artists, the murals and post office mural program itself, Nebraksa's Post Office Murals is generously illustrated with photographs and never-before-published artists' sketches and working drawings obtained from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art and American Art Museum, the National Archives, and from family collections.  This book not only displays this Depression-era artistic legacy, but also reveals the personalities, conflicts, and the spirit of the times from which the murals emerged.



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