2019 Young Art Patrons (YAP) Committee Application
Complete this application by November 5, 2018 for consideration.
*Are you a current YAP member?:

*1. Why are you interested in joining the YAP Committee?:
*2. List the organizations you have been involved with in the past and provide a brief description of your role/responsibilities.:
*3. What strengths will you bring to the YAP Committee?:
*4. Why do you feel supporting the local art community is important?:
*5. Of the following areas, which are you interested in becoming involved with and why? A.) Recruitment/Membership; B.) Programming/Education; C.) Event Planning D.) Other:
*6. The YAP Committee meets monthly (excluding May-July) and attendance is very important. Meetings are typically held at Joslyn on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Would this time work for you?: