Self-Guided Resources
Includes scavenger hunts and gallery guides to use on your next visit. Preview and print these interactive materials to engage visitors of all ages in Joslyn's galleries.

Scavenger Hunts

There are two rock monsters to deal with one needs help, and the other needs to be stopped. Are you ready to play?

Click here for black and white versions of Peblo's Poppin' Paradise
and Night at the Museum

Can you find artworks based only on emoji clues? Some of the clues are not as obvious as you would think so look deep into the details of the artworks.
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Puedes encontrar obras de arte basadas solo en pistas de emoji? Algunas pistas no son tan obvias de encontrar como pensarias. Asi que mira a fondo los detalles en las obras de arte.
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Indiana Stones gives visitors of all ages the unique opportunity to explore select paintings from a geological point of view. Answer the geology-related questions to get closer to the treasure. Will you save the treasure and get it to the museum curator?

The Lord of the Rocks
will take you through Joslyn looking at and learning about the rocks that make up the structure of the building. All humanity is at risk – will you find the ring-shaped fossil?

There are many wild things loose in the galleries here at Joslyn. It is your mission to go on an expedition to find these animals in artworks in the Memorial Building. How many
wild things will you find?
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Here’s a fun quest to discover nine artworks in Joslyn. Use the picture details to find paintings in Joslyn’s Memorial Building. Take turns answering the questions and sharing stories with each other.
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There are signs of Spring hidden in the artworks around Joslyn. Use the map to find all of them! How many will you uncover?
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La primavera ha llegado y hay señales de ésta escondidas en las obras de arte alrededor del Joslyn. ¡Es posible que necesite utilizar el mapa para encontrar todos los Signos de la Primavera!
¿Cuántos descubrirás?
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Grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals and explore the Peter Kiewit Foundation Sculpture Garden. Use the limericks and the picture clues to find seven sensational sculptures.

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Trae contigo tu protección solar, gafas de sol y sandalias. Explora el Jardín de Esculturas de la Fundación Peter Kiewit en el Museo de Arte Joslyn. Utiliza las pistas y fotos para encontrar siete esculturas sensacionales.
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Kids are back in school, leaves are starting to change colors, and we want you to fall into autumn in our galleries. Find eight artworks using the clues below.
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Los niños están de regreso en la escuela, las hojas están empezando a cambiar de color, y queremos que entren al otoño en nuestras galerías. Encuentren ocho obras de arte utilizando las pistas de abajo.
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Winter has arrived. When it is too cold to play in the snow, look for some frosty artworks hiding in our galleries. Find six artworks using the clues below.
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El invierno ha llegado. Cuando es muy frío para jugar en la nieve, busca obras de arte de invierno escondidas en nuestras galerías. Encuentra seis obras de arte utilizando las siguientes pistas.
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   Museum Activities

   There's more to see at the Joslyn than just the artwork in the galleries. Check out the amazing architecture!

   Gallery Guides

“Finding native voices” should be the goal of historical research involving American Indians. To the extent possible, this guide’s writings, in concert with the artworks in the galleries, attempts to highlight Native perspectives of key historical events and their cultures.

This guide highlights artworks with a connection to Hispanic culture. Start with the Spanish Colonial gallery then explore other galleries in Joslyn’s Memorial building to discover artworks with a “Hispanic voice.”

Esta guía incluye obras relacionadas a la cultura hispana. Puede empezar el recorrido en la sala denominada Spanish Colonial para luego continuar su paseo en el edificio Memorial del Museo de Arte Joslyn. Estas pinturas han sido seleccionadas por tener una “voz hispana.”

   Mobile Tech Experiences

Find out what Joslyn currently has to offer. Teachers, listen to mobile tours before your school group visit.