Outreach Trunks

Enhance your curriculum by borrowing an outreach trunk with connections to artworks in Joslyn's collections and exhibitions. Trunks are available for loan - FREE of charge - to regional community groups and schools, and local homeschool teachers. Each trunk has touchable objects, a CD of images, and/or posters, books, videos, and a trunk guide with teacher information. These resources strengthen students' appreciation of art, prepare them for a Museum visit, and help tie visual art into the teaching of many subject areas.

Trunks may be borrowed for up to three weeks. Please schedule at least four weeks in advance. Joslyn ships trunks to schools (with ten or more students) in Nebraska and Iowa outside the greater Omaha area. Schools receiving a trunk via UPS are responsible for return shipping. Educators within the Omaha area must pick up and return the trunks to the Museum.

Looking for different topics? Check out the loanable materials available through Joslyn's Teacher Resource Center.


Ancient Egypt
Explore this ancient culture with exciting new lesson plans, artifacts, photo reproductions, games, and more.    
Ancient Greece and Rome
Handle reproductions of Greek pottery and bronze artifact reproductions; assemble a caternary arch; examine photo reproductions, slides, and books; and learn about ancient history and culture.    
Contemporary Native American Art
Contemporary Native American Art Use pottery, sculpture, and collage materials from artists, as well as interviews, photographs, slides, and videos, to discover Native American artists including Bob Haozous, Jacquie Stevens, and Arthur Amiotte.                                  
People of the Southwest and Plains
Enrich your teaching with authentic pieces of pottery, weaving, basketry, and other crafts, as well as photo reproductions, slides, books, and videos highlighting Native artisans.                                 
Travels into the Interior of North America, the Maximilian-Bodmer Expedition, 1832-1834
Travel with these explorers of the North American frontier using an expedition map, hands-on materials from nature, printmaking tools, and videos of a historic journey.