Travels into the Interior of North America, the Maximilian-Bodmer Expedition, 1832-1834
Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

Trunk Guide 
    Braille and large print object description labels in packet
    Karl Bodmer's Eastern Views 
    The Buffalo Hunters 
    Iktomi and the Buffalo Skull 
    The Buffalo Jump 
    The Way to Independence 
    The Mandans 
    People of the Circle 
    Powwow Country 
    Bodmer's America 
    What Do We Know About the Plains Indians? 
    An Indian Winter 
    Lewis and Clark for Kids 
    The Etcher's Studio 
    Buffalo Before Breakfast
    Views of a Vanishing Frontier (DVD)
    Pow-wow Songs (CD-ROM)
    Bodmer Exhibition Images (CD-ROM)
    Bodmer Exhibition Images (USB)
Printmaking Process Binder
    Copper plates 
    Set of white gloves
Hands-On Objects
    Buffalo, Deer, and Elk Hides
    Horse Hair
    Dear Dew Claw Rattle
    Tin Cone Tinklers