Ancient Greece and Rome

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

*Trunk Guide
*Braille and large print copy object description labels in packet
    Joslyn Art Museum: Ancient Greek Pottery 
    Ancient Roman Art 
    Ancient Greek Art 
    Step Into Ancient Greece 
    Museum Guide for Kids: Greek and Roman Art 
    Joslyn Art Museum: Corpus Vasorum 
*Multimedia (DVD)
    Europe to the Max: Mysteries of Greece and Rome 
    The Art of the Ancient Greeks & The Art of the Romans
*Touchable Objects and Reproductions
    Head of a Youth with Label 
    Minoan Octopus Stirrup Jar with label 
    Proto-Attic Charioteers Kantharas with label 
    Bust of Julius Caesar with label 
    Catenary Arch Puzzle