Multicultural Art and the Student with Special Needs

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

*Teacher Guide
*Braille and large print object description labels in packet
*Touch Tour
    Tapa Cloth (beneath tray) 
    Aztec Calendar (beneath tray) 
    Little Dancer figurine (beneath tray) 
    Hopi Bull Roarer (beneath tray) 
    Pieces of marble 
    Dagon netsuke 
    Monkey netsuke 
    Feather fluffs 
    Greek pottery shards 
    Jacob’s ladder toy 
    Tin cone jingles 
    Pieces of animal hide 
    Kapanese miniatures 
    Ttexture cards (smooth, bumpy, rough, scratchy, soft) 
    Amazonian Rain Stick 
    Black archival box with 3 banana bark animals
    Braille labels for Touch Tour objects (in plastic envelope) 
    Arts Resource Handbook 
    The Special Artist’s Handbook 
    Elements and Principles of Design
    How to Visit an Art Museum 
    Principles of Design posters 
    Teacher’s Guide in black binder