Mexican Art and Culture

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

*Trunk Guide
*Braille and large print object description labels in packet 
* Books 
    A Gift for Abuelita: Celebrating the Day of the Dead 
    De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs for Children 
    Pablo Remembers: The Fiesta of the Day of the Dead 
    Family Pictures/ Cuadros de Familia 
    Going Home 
    Activity Book:! Mexico! 
    My Diary From Here to There 
    The Piñata Maker: El Pinatero
    Poster-Size Images (16x20) 
    Mask postcard images in envelope
*Art Objects: 
    Aztec Sun Stone Replica 
    Day of the Dead Skeleton 
    Amate Paper Cutting 
    Lacquered Gourd Container 
    Jaguar Mask 
    Huichol Thread Painting 
*Activity Packs/Games: 
    Loteria Game, 
    Frida in Traditional Dress Magnet Set