Ancient Greece and Rome

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

Trunk Guide
    Braille and large print copy object description labels in packet
    Joslyn Art Museum: Ancient Greek Pottery 
    Ancient Roman Art 
    Ancient Greek Art 
    Step Into Ancient Greece 
    Museum Guide for Kids: Greek and Roman Art 
    Joslyn Art Museum: Corpus Vasorum 
    Europe to the Max: Mysteries of Greece and Rome (DVD)
    The Art of the Ancient Greeks & The Art of the Romans (DVD)
    Ancient Greece and Rome Images (CD-ROM)
    Ancient Greece and Rome Images (USB)
Touchable Objects and Reproductions
    Head of a Youth with Label 
    Minoan Octopus Stirrup Jar with label 
    Proto-Attic Charioteers Kantharas with label 
    Bust of Julius Caesar with label 
    Catenary Arch Puzzle