Ancient Egypt

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

Trunk Guide
    Braille and large print copy object description labels in packet
    Golden Sarcophagus, King Tutankhamen's Coffin Case
    Musicians at a Banquet, Wall Painting from Nahkt's Tomb
    Painting from the tomb of Ramses IV, The Goddess of the Night
    Amenirdas I, the Divine Consort
    Weighing of the Heart Ceremony Papyrus
    Statuette of the Goddess Bastet
    The Falcon Horus
    Tut Cartouche
    Lion Hunt Scarab
    Stele of Ramses II as a Child
    Ancient Egyptian Art by Susie Hodge
    DK Eyewitness Books Archaeology by Dr. Jane McIntosh
    DK Eyewitness Books Ancient Egypt by George Hart
    Draw like an Egyptian by Claire Thorne
    Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt by Linda Honan
    Ancient Egypt Cities
    National Geographic Egypt Quest for Eternity (DVD)
    Ancient Egypt by Ali Jihad Racy (CD-ROM)
    Joslyn Egypt Examples (CD-ROM)
    Joslyn Egypt Examples (USB)
    What do you know about Ancient Egypt Quiz Deck
    Egyptians Board Game