Pre-Recorded Programs

Distance Learning Packages
Designed for all disciplines, Joslyn presents three thematic packages of FREE digital resources, divided by grade levels, and aligned to Nebraska content standards. Each package features short, asynchronous virtual tours and offers deeper explorations, including writing prompts, looking activities, discussion starters, art-making lessons, assessments, and more. Teachers retain control of what they assign students—whether in-person or in a remote learning environment—and have the flexibility to use the digital materials as needed for their curriculum. Request a package today!

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Package Themes

Build students’ ability to appreciate the visual arts while developing their critical thinking skills. Using the big ideas create, present, respond, and connect, assign your students activities, including some that do not require screentime. Worksheets/assessments are included for elementary and middle school grade levels. We will continue to add more content throughout the school year. Click here to request this package.

Pre-recorded virtual tours available for each grade level:
  • Elementary School | Parts of Art. Discover the visual language of art: line, shape and form, texture, color, light (value), and space. Explore how artists use these basic elements of art to convey information and ideas. (seven installments; about 35 min. total)
  • Middle School | Subjects & Styles. Discover the visual world that inspires artists to create works of art. Explore these these subjects: portrait, landscape, still life, narrative, and non-objective. Learn to identify these styles: Academic Realism, Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, and Minimalism. (six installments; about 40 min. total)
  • High School | Postwar & Contemporary Art. Join Phil Willson Curator of Contemporary Art, Karin Campbell to discover significant artworks in our collection with eight object explorations. Featured artists include: Alexander Calder, Helen Frankenthaler, Rashid Johnson, Rozeal, Jennifer Steinkamp, Frank Stella, Mickalene Thomas and Kehinde Wiley. (eight installments; about 30 min. total)

Explore works made by American Indian and Western artists. Make connections to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, compare past and present artworks, and discover how Indigenous artists today continually adapt to change while celebrating tradition. We will continue to add more content throughout the school year. Click here to request this package.

Pre-recorded virtual tours available for each grade level:
  • Lower Elementary School | Animal Hide & Seek. Learn about Native Americans’ connection to animals with a new version of our popular tour Animal Hide & Seek. (six installments; about 25 min. total)
  • Upper Elementary School | Art of the American West. Learn about North American Indigenous peoples as well as the explorers and artists who connected with them starting in the early 1800s to Native American artists today in our updated popular tour Art of the American West. (five installments; about 45 min. total)
  • Middle School | Moccasins & More. Discover Native American artworks from the vault. We were honored to have Steve Tamayo, a Sicangu Lakota Culture Bearer and Cultural Specialist for N.I.C.E. and Sophia F. of the Bad River Band of Ojibwe People share their knowledge in these incredible videos. (eleven installments; about 90 min. total)
  • High School | 20th–21st Century Native American Artists. Discover Native American artists with artworks from the mid-twentieth century to today in Joslyn’s permanent collection. From Roxanne Swentzell (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1962) to Rick Bartow (Wiyot, 1946–2016), explore how indigenous artists today continually adapt to change while celebrating tradition. Teachers who request this level will also have access to the Moccasins & More content to share with students.

Discover artworks depicting individuals who are from diverse times and cultures and represent different types of leadership. Discuss characteristics of positive leadership roles and some qualities of negative models while encouraging students to consider their power to make a difference.
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(Middle/High School: three installments; about 35 min. total)

What's pictured: (top to bottom) Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926), The Meadow, 1879, oil on canvas, Gift of Mr. William Averell Harriman, 1944.79, Photograph © Bruce M. White, 2019; Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Nation, b. 1940) Horse Sense (For Advice and Council), 1994, color lithograph, Museum purchase, 1994.31 © 2020 Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, image courtesy of the artist and the Garth Greenan Gallery, New York; Mickalene Thomas (American, born 1971), Din, une très belle négresse 1, 2012, rhinestones, acrylic, oil, and enamel on wood panel, Museum purchase, gift of The Sherwood Foundation, 2019.6 © Mickalene Thomas / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York