Live Programs

These FREE programs feature a Joslyn artwork and engaging interaction between your students (minimum 10) and Joslyn's Education staff. 

Do you have an inquiry? Call (402) 661-3847 or click here to e-mail Joslyn's Director of School Programs & Interactive Media.

Art Chats
(Grades K-12; 15-20 minutes)

These broadcasts feature one artwork from Joslyn's collection to share highlights about the artwork and artist (if known). They are a great way to kick off your artful lesson plan or infuse your curriculum with art history.  

Art Criticism
(Grades K-12; 30-40 minutes) 

For these connections, work with a Joslyn educator to select a work of art to examine with your class. We will use the art criticism method--describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate--to study the object and engage in an educated discussion about art. Together, you and your students will discover how to use this method and will be encouraged to try this with artworks in your classroom or school.

Art Museum Careers
(Middle/High School; 40-50 minutes)

Do you want to help your students think about possible career paths? During this program, we will cover the variety of jobs in an art museum–from educator to executive director. Students will consider their own skills as they learn about the recommended skills for each position as well as additional education.

Technology Requirements
Computer or tablet with the ability to project screen, webcam, microphone, and speakers; connection is via Zoom, a web-based cloud platform. We may also connect using your virtual platform; if your school's platform is not Zoom, a test connection prior to scheduled connection is required.

Four weeks advance notice required. Programs may be scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays, 8 am–3 pm or Wednesdays–Friday, 8 am–10 am.

Artwork Disclaimer
Sometimes the permanent collection artworks go off view in the galleries for the broadcast date you selected. We will work with you to choose another artwork or use digital images.

Reminder: Joslyn Art Museum closed May 2, 2022 for the expansion and renovation project and will reopen in 2024. All images will be digital reproductions for the 2022–2023 school year.

What's pictured: Roxanne Swentzell (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1962), Transformation, 2000, ceramic, Museum purchase, 2000.26.a-n