Mentoring Program Information

The Kent Bellows Mentoring Program education process is individualized, building on a foundation of one-on-one attention from mentors and peer-to-peer learning. The program is designed to support the needs of emerging youth artists and is shaped by talents of the professional artist community and the fundamentals of fine arts practices. Each program offers challenging, investigative discussions and workshops that encourage students to explore, observe, think, and create. While developing discipline and professional expertise, students also work to infuse Omaha with intellectual and cultural capital.

Selection Process
We seek high school teens with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about the arts and committed to their own education. Past experience with the arts is encouraged but not required. Instead, we look for people who are interested in having new artistic adventures in a creative community. We are dedicated to a diverse enrollment with teen representation from throughout the Omaha - Council Bluffs metro area. Currently, we have 58 teens enrolled in the program from 30+ different schools. High school juniors from schools that we currently do not have representation from are a current priority.

Involvement in the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program is by application. Prospective teens complete an online application form and may be asked to participate with their parent/guardian in an interview. At times, an applicant may not be contacted for an interview if there is already strong representation from their school currently in the program. All applications from teens who are not interviewed will be kept on file for the next enrollment season.

Interviews are conducted once a year in March for official enrollment starting in May for the Summer Semester. Teen application and interview materials are reviewed by a committee of staff and youth advocates. Applicants are notified by email regarding enrollment decisions prior to program start. Once a teen is accepted into the program, they come two scheduled days per week from 4 to 6 pm (3-6 pm during the summer). Mentees will continue in the program until they graduate high school.

Applications are now being accepted for 2023 enrollment (to start in summer). Please have your application submitted by March 1, 2023.

The Kent Bellows Mentoring Program operates on a system of sliding-scale tuition payment from families. Tuition payments aids us in delivering the very best program for all students.

Have questions? Contact KBMP Program Manager Pamela Hinson, at