Artist Mentor Information
We are dedicated to providing exciting curricula, professional-level materials and studio space, and inspirational arts experiences to all mentees. In order to provide the best possible arts mentoring program for youth now and in the future, we know we need energetic, passionate, and committed Artist Mentors.

Artist Mentors are selected based upon their dedication to the creative growth of young people, their skillset and technical knowledge in a designated arts area, their passion to contributing to an exciting arts community, and the depth of their past teaching and/or mentoring experiences. Most of our Artist Mentors hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, are active artists, designers, and musicians in their field, and demonstrate a positive and selfless personality.

To apply to be an Artist Mentor, email Kent Bellows Mentoring Program Manager, Pamela Hinson at
Current Artist Mentors

Shawnequa Linder

Neil Griess

Digital Painting
Kasper Swain

3D Media
Tom McLaughlin

Mike Girón

Mixed Media
Casey Callahan
Jada Messick

Jon Austin

Laura Burke

Fashion Arts
Demetria Geralds

Weaving & Textiles
McKenzie Phelps

Mural Arts
Hugo Zamorano