Kids Classes - Ages 5-7 & 8-12

Joslyn art classes for children ages 5-12 are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons and are led by experienced artists and art educators. Each course includes visits to the Museum’s galleries as an essential component of the art-making experience. Students in Saturday classes are exposed to art-making materials, techniques, and concepts that are unique to Joslyn Art Museum. Advance registration is required and all materials are provided.

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Crazy for Color
Saturdays: February 1, 8, 15; 10-11:30 am
This class will teach pint-sized painters the basics of color mixing and introduce concepts of abstract painting. We’ll look to artist in the galleries for inspiration, then create canvas paintings in the studio full of color and pattern.
Instructor: Carey Hernandez

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Lines of All Kinds
Saturdays: February 22, 29, March 7; 10-11:30 am
Thin, thick, bouncey, swirly... there are all kinds of lines! Students in this class will look to see how artists in the galleries use lines to create action, describe furry textures, and create illusions of space. In the studio we’ll draw, print, and scratch artworks with all kinds of line.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

Point & Shoot
Saturdays: March 14, 21, 28; 10-11:30 am
A special photography exhibition will spark our imaginations in this class that will introduce young artists to photography basics. Students will use disposable cameras to capture images, experiment with sun exposures, and assembled images to create pictures like those we’ll see in the galleries.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

Sculpture Study
Saturdays: April 4, 11, 18; 10-11:30 am
This class for small sculptors will teach students to build, assemble, and construct three-dimensional artworks with inspiration from the artists we will visit in the sculpture gardens and galleries.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

Print Shop
Saturdays: April 25, May 2, 9; 10-11:30 am
Create piles of pictures in this printmaking class! Students will look in the galleries to find pattern, line, and texture to utilize in relief and collograph prints we will create in the stdio. We will also work collaboratively to create a screen print design for a class t-shirt!
Instructor: Carey Hernandez

Photography: Altered & Spliced
Saturdays: February 15, 22, 29, March 7; 1-3 pm
Joslyn Members: $69.70; General Public $82
A special exhibition called Fact and Fiction in Contemporary Photography will show us how artists manipulate and alter images to encourage the viewer to question what they see. We’ll create thought-provoking images of our own as we reassemble, rearrange, and recontextualize photographs using mixed media and collage techniques.
Instructor: Carey Hernandez

Canvas Painting: Trees & Leaves
Saturdays: February 15, 22, 29, March 7; 10 am-noon
Joslyn Members: $69.70; General Public $82
Learn to create a canvas painting from start to finish. We will visit the galleries to see various ways artists paint nature subjects. We’ll look closely at animals, flowers, trees, and insects before learning to use acrylic paint to make nature scenes of our own. In the studio we’ll discover color mixing, acrylic additives, and other advanced painting techniques and tricks.
Instructor: Jaim Hackbart

Registration for this class is currently closed. Click here to add your name and phone number to our waitlist.

Photography: Beyond Point & Shoot
Saturdays: March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2; 10 am-noon
Joslyn Members: $98.60; General Public $116
This special class will teach photography fundamentals and encourage students to experiment with techniques beyond the camera to create unexpected images. Students will practice with disposable cameras to learn to arrange thoughtful compositions through the lens. We’ll build our own coffee can cameras to experience the developmental process, and experiment with creating photographs without a camera using sunlight and even chocolate sauce.
Instructor: Andy Smith

Simple Sculptures
Saturdays: March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2; 1-3 pm
Joslyn Members: $98.60; General Public $116
We’ll test the limits of gravity in this class that will teach sculpture basics. Artworks in the galleries and gardens will be our guide as we learn to use wood, wire, and more to create freestanding sculptures with balance and movement.
Instructor: Emily Mitchell