Virtual Home School Art School

What are Virtual Studio Classes at Joslyn Art Museum?

Step One:
Set up your studio space and prepare
your artist's supplies in the comfort of your own home to get ready to make art!
Step Two:
Log-on to Zoom
for weekly 75-minute classes that investigate Joslyn artworks and artists, and present art vocabulary and concepts and technical demonstrations. Time is be spent each session for guided practice of new skills and artful experimentation with the instructor and virtual studio mates.
Step Three:
Work like an artist to complete weekly independent studio goals offline. Students are encouraged to apply the skills and concepts learned online and share their artistic choices, challenges, and successes when we meet each session.

Technical Requirements
Participants will need a computer or tablet with a webcam, microphone, and speakers. Connection is via Zoom, a web-based cloud platform. A test connection prior to each scheduled lesson is encouraged. An email with special instructions specific to each class will be sent prior to each class start date. The email will include a Zoom invitation that allows registered students to log-on and join the class.

Workspace and Supplies
Virtual Art Class supply kits are available for purchase through Joslyn and will accommodate all artmaking planned for the class. Purchased supply kits may be picked up from Joslyn prior to class. (Delivery is not an option.) A material list for each class will be provided for those who prefer to gather their own supplies. Each student must have all of the supplies listed for each class to have a successful experience

If possible, students should choose a designated workspace that can be utilized as a “studio” for the week. Please consider the materials and plan ahead to accommodate any mess. Finding a dedicated space will allow students the flexibility and independence to “work in the studio” as inspiration occurs.

Students are encouraged to work independently while in class, but adults are asked to remain available to provide art-making or technological assistance.

Art Class Scholarships
Thanks to a special fund established by Mrs. Louise Wickstrum, and the family of David S. and Bella Block, financial assistance may be available for class enrollment. If a child’s or adult’s participation is dependent upon financial aid, please call (402) 661-3846. All requests will be held in confidence.

Click here to submit a scholarship application online.

Students are encouraged to work independently while in class, but adults are asked to remain available to provide art-making or technological assistance.

Virtual Home School Art School
First Quarter: DRAWING

Joslyn Members: $58.65; Supply Kit: $15.30
General Public: $69; Supply Kit: $18

Learn to use a variety of artists tools and techniques to gain confidence drawing portraits. Students will join online each day to learn new skills, look at artworks from the gallery, and practice new techniques before applying what they learn towards an independent portrait project. Young students will be introduced to portrait drawing fundamentals and special artist pencils, charcoal, and erasers. More experienced students will refine their abilities and will be encouraged to expand their skills as an artist through observational rendering.
Grades 1-3 Instructor: Carey Hernandez
Grades 4-6 Instructor: Therese Straseski

Supply Kit:

Pencils 4H, HB
Ebony pencil
Kneaded eraser
White plastic or polymer eraser
Compressed charcoal (white and black)
Willow or vine charcoal
Pencil Sharpener
2” craft foam ball
Small square mirror (3” x 3”) or small handheld mirror
11 x 17 artist portraits (gridded)
11 x 17 blank paper (gridded – grey & cream)
9 x 12 grey/black loose paper
Sketchbook (w/ white and grey bogus paper)

Registration for First Quarter is now closed

Virtual Home School Art School
Second Quarter: PAINTING

Joslyn Members: $58.65; Supply Kit: $15.30
General Public: $69; Supply Kit: $18

Learn to control and manipulate acrylic paint to create a canvas painting with inspiration from artists in the gallery. Each week students will gather online to learn and practice painting skills and techniques with guidance from artworks in Joslyn’s collection. Students will gain an understanding of color and learn to use artists’ tools like a palette knife, modeling paste, and more. We will apply what we learn and practice together online towards a painting project created independently offline. Young students will learn skills and experiment with techniques for the first time. More experienced students will spend time thinking about artistic choices and intent while gaining confidence with materials and tools.
Instructor: Maranda Allbritten
Supply Kit:
12x16 canvas panel: 1
11x15 watercolor paper: 3 sheets
Heavy modeling paste (acrylic medium) or wall spackle: 2 oz.
Plastic palette knife: 1
Palette paper: 4 sheets
Acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue, white, black) 4 oz. each
Acrylic paint (gold): 2 oz.
Flat paintbrush, 1": 1
#7 round paintbrush: 1

Supplies from home: bubble wrap scrap, cardboard scrap

Virtual Home School: Painting - Grades 1-3
Tuesdays: November 3, 10, 17, December 1, 8, 15; 1-2:15 pm

Virtual Home School: Painting - Grades 4-6
Wednesdays: November 4, 11, 18, December 2, 9, 16; 1-2:15 pm

Coming in 2021...

Third Quarter: SCULPTURE
Fourth Quarter: MIXED MEDIA

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