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Joslyn Art Museum's ART WORKS: A Place for Curiosity, is a 1,500 sq. ft. interactive space where visitors of all ages will find fun ways to experience the visual arts. Nine hands-on activity stations, all with connections to art that you might encounter in Joslyn’s galleries, will pique your curiosity and stimulate creativity! Activities are designed to provide unique experiences, time and again, plus new art-making options are introduced regularly so you can create a one-of-a-kind memento during each visit to ART WORKS. Come to explore, imagine, and play in an artful way. Come to think and do!

ART WORKS is in the Memorial building, lower level east; open—and free!—during all public hours (limited capacity). It is a drop-in space for general Museum visitors; children must be accompanied by an adult. Group tours are not permitted (teachers and daycare providers, please encourage parents to bring children on weekends and Thursday evenings). Strollers are not allowed in ART WORKS; stroller parking is provided just outside the activity space. Adults interested in volunteering may find more details here.

Each of the nine spaces are named after a Weitz family member. The stations are:

Audrey’s Spectrum Sculpture

Color and light bring this dazzling tower to life! Participants choose which colorful shapes to lock together so the collaborative, glowing 3D wonder never looks the same twice.

Simon’s Animation Station

Make a stop-motion animation! Choose from Joslyn’s artful settings and props, and photograph a story, bit by bit. See your completed mini-animation on the “big screen” and email it to friends and family.

Eloise’s Portrait Gallery

Focus on the face! Explore simple, fun approaches to portraiture — from “tracing” a partner’s image while viewing them through glass, to using magnets to make facial features, and more.

Wally’s Pattern Place

“String” colorful, jumbo-sized beads to create a wall of pattern. Copy a design from Native American beadwork in the galleries, or come up with an original motif of your own.

Freddie’s Techno-Canvas

Welcome to our hi-tech painting studio, where you will have fun with modern, mess-free media. Wield artist’s tools to “mix, drip, brush, and push paint” as you create a digital masterpiece on the wall — or floor!

Charlie’s Observation Studio

What’s the key to drawing objects? It’s looking! Saddle up a drawing horse, spend time observing a still life arrangement, and create a drawing to display or take home.

Jack’s Vase Space

Get your hands on faux Greek pots. Use dry-erase markers to “finish” a vessel with decorative patterns or a story told through pictures. Let Joslyn’s ancient pottery inspire your design, or start fresh!

Katie, Roger, Kate, Drew, and Meredith’s Creativity Table

This is where you make art to take home or to display for all to see. We’ll provide materials and plant the seed of an idea . . . the rest is up to you. Be creative at this imagination station!

Barbara’s Curiosity Corner

Cozy up with a book or play with artful toys and puzzles.

What are people saying about ART WORKS?

"This room has led me to laugh at and with my family. We were able to play together and explore our creative sides."

"As a grandparent, it's wonderful to enjoy this area together in a way that is ageless."

"It is a wonderful place for some 'father and daughter time.' We are both having fun - learning and playing."

"My daughter loves doing art without restriction. This space has given her the freedom to create whatever she wants and keeps me engaged with her instead of on the sidelines."

"Uniquely interactive. I found myself being child-like all over again."

"All the children - all ages - love the art choices. The 10-year-old was entertained just as much as the 22-month-old. Thank you for a great experience."

"This space is incredible. It demonstrates Joslyn's deep commitment to art education and to inspiring the next generation's artists. It is the most inventive and interactive art space I have ever seen."

Generous support for Joslyn's youth and family programs provided by:

H. Lee and Carol Gendler Charitable Fund
Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation
Holland Foundation
Lincoln Financial
Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment
Sherwood Foundation
Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation

Renovation of ART WORKS: A Place for Curiosity was made possible by the Parker Family Foundation.