Raul Colon: Tall Tales & Huge Hearts
4/27/2013 - 7/28/2013

What's Pictured: "Flor liked a fresh bed, so she searched up and filled her arms with clouds smelling of flowery breezes," from Doña Flor, 2005, watercolor, colored pencil, and lithograph pencil, © Raúl Colón

New York City has been Raúl Colón’s loyal patron, from cover illustrations for The New Yorker to an MTA mural at the 191st St. subway station to artwork in The New York Times. But in addition to this “grown up” work, Colón is also a prolific illustrator of children’s literature, with more than 30 books to his name. Employing watercolor, colored pencils, litho crayons, and a technique of scratching or drawing down through the layers of washes, he brings stories to life with the glowing, richly textured, rhythmic images that are his trademark style.

Tall Tales & Huge Hearts features art from 15 of Colón’s books, including scenes from myths, fairytales, folktales, and tall tales, and from books based on real-life stories of baseball players, ballerinas, migrant workers, and ministers — inspiring characters all.

Exhibition wall labels and some of the picture books presented in English and Spanish!

Organized by National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature, Abilene, Texas.

Sponsored by Webster Family Foundation.