Guy Goldstein
10/2/2021 - 1/2/2022

Guy Goldstein (Israeli, born 1974) maintains a hybrid practice as a multimedia artist and musician. Exploring the shifting relationships between sound and image, Goldstein considers how sonic and visual experiences overlap and inform one another.

During Fall 2019, Goldstein was in residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. As Bemis Center's Sound Art + Experimental Music Program resident, Goldstein spent his time in Omaha conceptualizing a project for Joslyn's Riley Contemporary Artists Project (CAP) Gallery. The artist’s work often responds to place and the Bemis building, as well as the Old Market’s history as a hub of labor and manufacturing, provided inspiration for a new video and sculpture. Scouring Bemis’ fourth floor—a vast materials archive available to artists-in-residence—Goldstein discovered bags full of work gloves that became the inspiration for the video titled Der Sekundenmacher, 2020. In the video, the artist lumbers through Bemis’ vast spaces collecting the gloves with scales strapped to his feet, a commentary on how we “measure” the value of labor. Goldstein then sewed the gloves together to create a tapestry-like wall hanging that removes the functionality of these items while evoking the many tasks they may have seen.

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This exhibition is supported by Douglas County, Catherine & Terry Ferguson, and Sara Foxley.