Native American
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Jacquie Stevens (Winnebago, 1949–2021),
Vessel , 1997
clay, wicker, glass beads, Height: 10 ¼ in.; 26.04 cm
Commissioned and given in memory of Shirley Warden by her fellow doce, 1998.19

Stevens likes to add textural variety to her clay creations. Usually the addition is small and simple — a short leather thong with a bead or a bit of shell. Sometimes it is much more elaborate, as in the woven wicker rim of this vessel, which recalls the ancient relationship between Native American basketry and pottery. The contrast provided by the added materials always draws attention to the pristine smoothness of the clay surface. In this case it also offers an opportunity for interesting shadow play, an effect that varies with the direction of the light and the position of the viewer.

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