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Artist unknown (Chinese, Song Dynasty (960–1279) )/Yuan Dynasty (1279–1368)),
Cosmetic box with lotus plant interior , early 14th century
ceramic with qing pai glaze and iron spots, 2.37 h x 5 in. dia.; 6.03 x 12.7 cm
Gift of Anunt Hengtrakul, 2004.4.a-b

Used by women of status, cosmetic boxes such as this have an elaborate interior decorated with lotus, a Buddhist symbol of purity. They often held face powders made of rice flour and calcium. This ying qing box displays an interior motif of lotus flowers and vines. Ying qing or qing pai (sky blue) glazes were highly popular during the Song and Yuan periods. Large quantities of these wares were manufactured in southern kilns for export as well as for domestic use.

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