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Homer Dodge Martin (American, 1836–1897),
On the Upper Hudson , mid 1860s
oil on canvas, 27 x 40 ¼ in.; 68.58 x 102.24 cm
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Miller Bequest Fund, 1953.82

Though by the mid nineteenth century most American artists sought training abroad or at one of the nation’s newly formed academies, Homer Dodge Martin was essentially self-taught; copying paintings and prints by Hudson River School artists was his primary means of study. On the Upper Hudson belongs to the second wave of Hudson River painting. While it displays traditional topographical accuracy, high vantage point, and detailed foreground, the thin washes of paint and loose brushstrokes used to communicate the haze settled over the lake, as well as the less detailed background, announce a new interest in atmosphere and natural light.

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