Saturday, March 7, 2015
6 pm–Midnight

This event is full.
Hey high school students! Come stay out late and make some art. Draw-a-Thon is a special night at the Museum for you and your friends to meet local artists, make art, dance, and eat pizza . . . and it’s all FREE!

This annual event celebrates drawing as an essential part of the creative process and will introduce you to art-minded people from across the Metro. Not all artists are great drawers, but Draw-a-Thon
will teach you the tricks and techniques it takes to turn a doodle into a masterpiece.

Participants will move throughout the Museum for a series of small group workshops led by artists from Joslyn’s Kent Bellows Mentoring Program and art classes.

A highlight of Draw-a-Thon is the collaborative creation of a large-scale storybook mural. Throughout the night all of our small groups and mentors will gather together to contribute to a mural based on a classic work of literature. Later, the mural will be installed in Joslyn’s Riley Family Education Gallery for Museum visitors to see in the weeks that follow.

At the end of the night we all give our creative minds a break with a chance to relax in the galleries, share our completed work, and meet new friends as pizza is served and a DJ from 89.7 The River gets
people dancing. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Museum unlike any other visit! 

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