Family Fun Days
Fun-filled, FREE events for children and families!

Join us on select Sunday afternoons throughout the year, as we present special events that highlight traveling exhibitions and Joslyn's collection!

Pencil us in!

Join us for Family Fun Day here at Joslyn on
Sunday, April 13; 1-4 pm featuring Poseidon and the Sea: Myth, Cult, and Daily Life!

Community Kiln
We'll have the heat cranked up in the Discovery Garden with the temporary installment of a wood-fueled kiln created with the help of Omaha Clay Works. The first firing, including objects created by Omaha Public Schools' students, is set for Family Fun Day, so stop by and check out the flame, smoke, and sweat that this ancient, ceramic-firing technique requires!

Making Change

To make money, ancient people cast bits of silver and gold, piece by piece, in molds that would imprint a unique design, specific to a particular region, city, or ruler. Come make your own special coin using self-hardening clay and molds, then use heat from the kiln to harden it... Hey, money doesn't come easy!

Performance & Workshop
In the spirit of spring showers and the sea, University of Nebraska at Omaha's The Moving Company and Ensemble 768 will perform an excerpt from a dance choreographed for National Water Dance Day. Learn how to use ribbons, streamers, and scarves in a movement workshop for kids and adults.

Wish with a Fish
Votives in the shape of fish, horses, or Poseidon himself, were regularly left as offerings at temples devoted to the god, with hope for an abundant catch and safe travels at sea. Stop by and create two unique "offerings" using modeling material, and leave one behind to add to a collaborative, installation project.

Mythical Mosaics

Mosaic is a type of art-making that uses small pieces of colored glass, clay, stone, or other hard material to create an image. Often used to beautify interior and exterior spaces, they sometimes shared information about daily life and mythology. Make your own mosaic using colorful paper "tiles" to create a scene, image, or design that is important to you!