November 21 Art Encounters
Naughty Bits
10:30–11:30 am
Third Thursday Art Encounters
offers docent-guided tours of Joslyn's collections and special exhibitions on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 10:30 am. Designed to appeal to all art lovers, from the well-seasoned to the amateur, these monthly programs are a great way to learn about art with others.

Visit any museum and you are sure to encounter a myriad of "naughty bits"--nude figures, lusty lovers, passionate and provocative themes. Join us at Art Encounters for a fun look at Joslyn's most revealing works of art!

William Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825-1905) 
Return of Spring (Le Printemps), 1886
Gift of Francis T. B. Martin, 1951

Bouguereau, an Academic painter par excellence, developed two main themes: sentimentalized images of pretty peasant, gypsy, and beggar girls and idealized female nudes personifying abstract concepts such as the seasons. The classical origin of Bouguereau's coolly elegant, idealized figures is a thin disguise for a sensuous display of the nude body calculated to appeal to the refined male art lover. Like Academic painters in general, Bouguereau's artistic reputation has varied greatly. Celebrated in the nineteenth century, he was discredited in the twentieth for clinging to an outmoded tradition, only to be appreciated again recently for his superb technical mastery.

Presented in partnership with The Nebraska Medical Center's Health & Wellness Club, Art Encounters is free to all. Reservations are not required.  For program details please contact Joslyn's Director of Adult Programs at (402) 661-3862 or

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