November 4 CU at Joslyn
with Julián Arribas, Modern Languages and Literatures Chair
2 - 3 pm

Joslyn Art Museum in partnership with Creighton University presents stimulating lectures by Creighton faculty in Joslyn’s Abbott Lecture Hall on select Sundays at 2:00 pm. CU at Joslyn, offered in collaboration with Creighton’s University College, presents a variety of topics and interdisciplinary perspectives on Joslyn’s collections or exhibitions. CU at Joslyn is free with regular museum admission for general public, and always free for Museum members and Creighton students and faculty with ID.

"The Heavens of Salamanca: Astronomy and Myth in Spain circa 1492" presented by Julián Arribas, Ph.D., Modern Languages and Literatures Dept. Chair, Creighton University

Preserved in a museum at the University of Salamanca, in the city of the same name in Western Spain, there is a piece of the original ceiling of its old library that was built between 1474 and 1479. This extant piece, which is a little under 30% of the whole original ceiling, was painted and decorated by Fernando Gallego, one of the most relevant Spanish painters of the Flemish school. His work, completed between 1482 and 1486, is one of the earliest celestial maps in Europe. This piece shows a fragment of the pre-Copernican Cosmos. Astronomy, Myth, and Art combine and make a beautiful representation of the Universe. This lecture explains every major element depicted in the paintings in the context of Renaissance Cosmology.

Image: Doré, Gustave (French, 1832-1883), Mountain Landscape,1877, oil on canvas; Gift of Mrs. Lily Javitz (1948.23)

Julián Arribas, Ph.D. (
University of Michigan) holds degrees from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and the Universidad de Salamanca. In addition to broad experience in teaching Spanish language and culture, Dr. Arribas teaches courses of Renaissance and Baroque Spanish literature, such as the famous works and characters of Don Quixote and Don Juan. A specialist in 16th century Spanish literature, he is the author of two critical editions of pastoral romances: Los siete libros de la Diana (London, 1996) and El pastor de Fílida (Valencia, 2006) published by Tamesis and Albatros-Hispanófila. He is also co-author of another book on the history of Rhetoric, Temas de retórica hispana renacentista, published by UNAM (México, 2000). He has also published articles on Spanish poetry in several scholarly journals. His continuing interests include Spanish literature of the Golden Age and the visual arts, textual criticism, and teaching with technology.

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