August 20 Late 'til 8 - A Conversation with Kon Trubkovich
Program begins in the Abbott Lecture Hall at 6:30 PM; Cash bar opens at 5:00

Artist Kon Trubkovich discusses his work and the current Riley CAP Gallery exhibition.

Working across media, Kon Trubkovich reflects on the nature of memory and personal history. A Russian immigrant who relocated to the United States as a boy, Trubkovich is interested in the notion of the disconnections – from places, people, and experiences – that occur throughout life.

Trubkovich's Riley CAP Gallery exhibition will feature painting and video in addition to six new drawings created specifically for Joslyn's installation.

Held in the Abbott Lecture Hall, this program is free to the public.

Image: Kon Trubkovich. Photo by Jesse Frohman, courtesy the artist.