August 31 Loom Weaves Joslyn Art Museum and Announces Loom Lab
2:00 PM - 11:00 PM


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Loom and Joslyn pair up once again to bring the multicultural festival back to the garden! Featuring music, dance performance and instruction, body painting, live art, yoga, educational programs, activities for children and a variety of other artful expressions, loom’s family-friendly indoor-outdoor party has traditionally brought in a wide spectrum of artists and performers, as well as a wide cross section of people, weaving together the diversity that lives within Omaha.

For eight years loom manifested as a dance event where people of many colors, orientations and ages gathered in a peaceful assembly. From its monthly-first-Thursdays home-base of España Tapas Bar in Benson, to various one-offs at institutions such as the Joslyn Art Museum, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts & Love's Jazz & Art Center, loom has served as a positive social medium for bringing people together.

LOOM lab
In 2011 loom moved into House of Loom — a lounge & nightclub concept with a focus on music, dance, art and community. Now we celebrate yet another transformation! House of Loom is in the process of creating a new non-profit branch called LOOM Lab. Its purpose is to be an incubator for individual arts projects in the visual, performance, music and literary arts for primarily underserved artists on the lower socio-economic spectrum. The goal would be to give a financial, educational and infrastructure platform to a group of artists with incredible creativity but without sufficient resources. This year loom Weaves Joslyn will be similar to past events, but will use the event to raise awareness and in support for the new non-profit, LOOM Lab.

The event is free and open to the public. Food may be purchased outside at Joslyn's grill 4 - 9 pm; cash bar available throughout the event. Please, no outside alcohol. For more information visit House of Loom.  Post celebration to be held at House of Loom 11 pm - 2 am!

Main Stage Schedule 
(*Times subject to change)

02:00 - YOGA
There's no better way to start off this event than with a heart-opening, body-grounding practice such as yoga. One of Omaha's highly respected and regarded instructors, Johnathan Woodside, will lead the class, accompanied by some uplifting music from a loom resident DJ. Woodside is the founder of the nonprofit organization Mindfulness Outreach Initiative, which focuses mindfulness meditation for the promotion of greater health and wellness in our community.

CAIO is Omaha's only dedicated Capoeira group. You'll be treated to the highly revered practice of this Brazilian martial arts form which combines dance, acrobatics and traditional berimbau music. Slaves in the 16th century were originally banned from learning defensive or fighting styles. As a response, they developed this practice and disguised it as a form of dance. Be sure to catch their presentation on Capoeira inside the museum at 4pm.

The Wordsmith's are Nebraska's top spoken word troop that carry on the great African American oral tradition. Their collective performance touches on poetry, storytelling, politics, spirituality, healing, truth and change. Be sure to catch a presentation on spoken word & a writing workshop, 4:30pm inside the museum.


This will be a fast-paced, back-to-back performance, graciously organized by Cristina B., will give each dance style a 10-minute time frame to display their moves. Many of the dance styles will then be taught inside the museum afterwards.

    Chrysalis (Belly Dancing)
    Blandon Joiner (Salsa Dancing)
    Omaha Jitterbugs (Swing Dancing)
    True X Crew (Break Dancing)
    Get That Ent. (Street Freestyle/Turf Dance)

05:00 - JOCELYN
This singer/songwriter has came out of nowhere in the past year and has since made an indelible impression on our music scene. She seems to have it all: Young enough that her whole career is ahead of her, a voice that croons, a confidence that exudes star power and a hungry ambition that is just seeing the tip of the ice berg. Oh, and she does this call-and-response act in her shows that make her acoustic performance stick out even more from the pack.

05:30 - CRISTINA B
Cristina B. is one of Omaha's most sultry vocal talents who also happens to play the keys in a mesmerizing fashion. From her from in LA, she's worked alongside and toured with acts such as the Black Eyed Pea, Josh One, The Scientist, Bucky Johnson, Printz Board and many others. Her various musical elements lead with an RnB feel, but also touch on elements of soul, reggae & hip hop. She'll be accompanied Listen & download her mix tape on SoundCloud,

06:00 - HIP HOP HOUR
We've invited a few of our favorite Omaha hip hop artists to show you that there's still phenomenal, conscious & creative raps being created on a daily basis. After seeing the energy & hearing the lyricism of these folks, we know you'll be inspired.

    BOTH (Scky Rei & INFNTLP)
    Conchance (Make Believe Records)
    Black Jonny Quest
    LP (Lite Pole/ Living Pharaoh)

Summoning the gods of funk, jazz and Afro beat under one roof, the 8-piece Omaha Beat Brigade is a gathering of musical heavyweights from local groups such as Satchel Grande, Conchance, Belles & Whistles, Jazzwholes, Mike Gurcuilo Big Band and a collection of jam bands & jazz projects. Featuring bandleader Mark Hinrichs on drums; Willie Karpf, James Ballarin and Tim Schleinat on horns; Andrew Malashock on guitar; Tim Kasl on bass; Mark Powers on percussion; Jim Hoke on keys and special offstage guest, “sexy audience.”

This 10-piece salsa band has only been formed a year now, but has gained a reputation for bringing an authentic and fire-igniting sound. Band leaders Cristobal Oquendo and Antonio Betanzos have put together musicians that cover everything from congas, timbales, bongos, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, keys and bass. And with musicians that have roots in Puerto Rico, Panama, Cuba and Venezuela.

If you're a fan of the tradition laid down by the famous Fania records catalogue, then you've find the right place. For others unfamiliar with the history of Latin music, if you got a heart and you have feet, they'll take care of the rest.

09:30-11:00 - Dance celebration w/loom resident DJs Brent Crampton, Stephen Bils, Kethro