Tribute Gifts

A memorial/tribute is a thoughtful way to celebrate a special occasion or to honor family or friends. Joslyn's Memorial/Tribute Gift Program allows you to recognize individuals, couples, groups, special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, or someone's passing.

When you make a memorial/tribute gift, a personalized card in acknowledgment is sent to the individual or family being honored. You will also receive a letter acknowledging your gift and the gift amount will appear on your donor acknowledgement for your records. All donations of $100 or more will be recognized in Joslyn's annual report.

To make a gift in memorial/tribute, please click on the DONATE NOW button and follow the simple steps to direct us on your behalf. If you would prefer to have Museum personnel send information regarding a memorial/tribute to you, please contact the Development Department at (402) 661-3858 or click here.

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