Annual Fund - Art Shapes and Invigorates Communities

Since 1931, Joslyn Art Museum has been connecting people with are - both inside and outside the walls of the Museum.

Joslyn is part of the DNA of our community. - Gary Gates, Board Chair
New Growth:Expanding our Audience
Free general admission at Joslyn offers access to everyone. Last fall, Joslyn welcomed the addition of Art Works - a new interactive space designed to pique curiosity and stimulate creativity for all ages. In the first ten months alone, the space has had more than 35,000 guests - helping to reshape how visitors connect with the Museum and our permanent collection.

Branching Out: Community Outreach
Joslyn Art Museum serves a diverse audience through our collections, programs, and exhibitions. Joslyn reaches across all facets of our community - from school age children to teens and college students, rural audiences across the state, the medical community, families to seniors, and underserved communities including refugees and low-income families.

In Sequence: Connecting with Art
Joslyn Art Museum's internationally recognized permanent collection allows visitors to connect personally with art. Through special programs and multiple exhibitions, the Museum brings great art to Nebraska inspiring audiences throughout the region.

Our Nucleus: Your Support
are part of our DNA. We would not be able to make an impact in our community without you and your support. Please make a tax-deductible gift this year and help support our core work both in and out of the Museum.

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