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Wood Jasper Earrings by Bev Muffly

Wood Jasper Earrings by Bev Muffly
Wood jasper and silver earrings. Designed and created by Bev Muffly (Omaha, NE). 1 ½" long.

Sku No.:  20088299
Our Price:  $20.00
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Meet Bev Muffly


I was born and raised in Nebraska and am married with two daughters. I have a wide variety of interests, both right & left brain. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting. I love dogs. Sports have always been a big part of my life: football, soccer, golf, bowling and, for the last 12 years, hockey. My husband, Kirk, and I housed junior hockey players for 10 years.


Since I was a young girl, arts and crafts have been part of my life. My dad used to tease me about not being able to just sit down and watch television — I had to be working on some craft project at the same time. I enjoy quilting, cross stitch, woodworking, painting, and of course making jewelry. I actually started making jewelry about 12 years ago. I've always loved to wear jewelry, so I decided to buy a book and teach myself the various techniques to get started (thinking that I could then save money and have lots of jewelry!).


Some designs come to me from various fabrics (color &/or pattern), or an outfit that needs an accessory, or most recently I'll see an interesting object and figure out how to turn that into a piece of wearable art, clothing, or jewelry. I also like to take vintage pieces and create new designs.


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