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The World of J.G. Brown

The World of J.G. Brown

The World of J.G. Brown by Martha Hoppin. 260 pages; hardcover. Chameleon Books, 2011.

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J.G. Brown was one of the most popular artists of late nineteenth-century America, famous for his paintings of New York City's poor bootblacks and newsboys.


The World of J.G. Brown by Martha Hoppin--260 pages with over 200 illustrations, 140 of them in color--treats Brown's overall career and themes; his rural scenes and those of his contemporaries; his masterpiece, a view of New York City's dockworkers (Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.); and the subject matter for which he is best known, the New York City bootblack. This is the first lengthy treatment of his life and career.




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