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Laguna Persian - Dale Chihuly

Laguna Persian - Dale Chihuly

Laguna Persian Studio Edition


Signed by the artist

Accompanied by a 12 x 12" Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Persians

6-1/2 (h) x 11” (w) x 6” (d)

Our Price:  $6,600.00
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The compositions of the Persians look as if they occurred by happenstance, while the fragility of the glass lends itself a special poignancy to these pieces because they appear to have survived time and pillaging.” —Robert Hobbs, “Dale Chihuly’s Persians: Acts of Survival,” in Chihuly Persians


Composed of two abstract and beguiling elements, the 2018 Studio Edition Laguna Persian communicates an ancient sensibility through a contemporary form. Bathed in lush emerald green, the artwork’s undulating waves are wound with a sinuous body wrap of golden amber, chartreuse, and oxblood red to reveal an internal candescence and inviting contrast. Spanish yellow lip wraps illuminate the scalloped edges of Laguna Persian, a Studio Edition that, through its back-to-back composition, conveys an intuitive exuberance for environment and form.

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