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Ivory Luster Basket - Dave Chihuly

Ivory Luster Basket - Dave Chihuly

Ivory Luster Basket Studio Edition


Signed by the artist

Accompanied by a 12 x 12" Plexiglas display vitrine and a copy of the book Chihuly Baskets

8-1/2” (h) x 9-1/2” (w) x 9-1/2” (d)

Our Price:  $7,100.00
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I had seen some beautiful Northwest Coast Indian baskets at the Washington State Historical Society, and I was struck by the grace of their slumped, sagging forms. I wanted to capture this grace in glass.” —Dale Chihuly


Through the time-honored process of glassblowing, using few tools and relying on the forces of nature and human breath, Dale Chihuly achieved his vision to reimagine the aging and slumping Native American baskets he so admired. The 2018 Studio Edition Ivory Luster Basket, a strong statement in its simplicity, embodies the ephemeral, amorphous, and free-form attributes for which Chihuly’s forty-year-old Basket series is known.


A thin veil of glass, stretched taut around the breath that initiated it, creates a spacious interior in which rest two smaller Basket elements, each varying in degrees of translucency and opacity. An oxblood wrap, beginning at the lip of each of the three forms, continues in a graceful, arcing extension that accentuates the dimensional presence of the entire composition.

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