Look, Listen & Connect with Mobile @ Joslyn

Experience Edventures @ Joslyn
Joslyn partnered with Green Door Labs to offer you high tech gaming experiences - *Edventures - when you visit the Museum.

Using your web-enabled mobile device, TAP the green door on the right to get started! 

The Lord of the Rocks
Our Lady of Lourdes 7th grade science students created this Edventure, with the guidance of University of Nebraska at Omaha geology students and in partnership with UNO’s Service Learning Academy. They were inspired by their favorite series, The Lord of the Rings, and created a new adventure for Frodo and Sam. Enjoy!

iArt: For Kids, By Kids
2012–2013 Buffett Magnet Middle School eighth graders developed the FIRST Joslyn Edventures in collaboration with University Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Service Learning Academy.

Art Deco Treasure Hunt
This Edventure will show you details or treasures of the Joslyn Memorial building. Starting outside, you will discover the Thunderbird motif and more in three main areas of the building.

Joslyn galleries are now equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Edventures are powered by the Edventure Builder by Green Door Labs.

*Edventure, noun
1. a high tech scavenger hunt
2. an exciting experience
3. where fun meets discovering

How much does a mobile tour cost? There is no extra Joslyn charge (regular phone rates do apply) to access a mobile tour or Edventure. 

What if I do not have a device? A limited number of iPods with earphones are available through the Scott EdTech Gallery for visitors (no extra charge; first come, first served; must leave a driver's license to borrow an iPod). 

How do I listen to the mobile tour? You may listen to the tour as you would a phone call, but earphones will make your experience more enjoyable (speaker mode is not allowed in the galleries). 

What if I did not bring earphones? Disposable sets are available for purchase in the Hitchcock Museum Shop for $2 (including tax).

SPECIAL THANKS to 91.5 KIOS FM:  Omaha Public Radio