John & Anne Nelson Teacher Resource Center
With the school year officially underway, Joslyn Art Museum is pleased to announce that its Teacher Resource Center has been renamed the John & Anne Nelson Teacher Resource Center, thanks to a gift from the couple to support the mission of this important repository of outreach tools and materials for art education.

John Nelson is a former chairman of Joslyn’s board of governors (2011 and 2012) and the current chairman of the Museum’s foundation board. Anne is a community volunteer and former teacher. John and Anne are long-time supporters of the Museum.

About the Nelson Teacher Resource Center

Joslyn opened the Teacher Resource Center in 2007 as part of its Museum to the Classroom initiative. Located on the Museum’s lower-level, the space contains numerous items for educators to borrow and use in their classroom free of charge. Resources include outreach trunks, books, curriculum kits, hands-on objects, reproductions, teaching posters, and videos. Presently the Center’s ever-growing collection offers 2,200 loanable items.

Joslyn’s Distance Learning Lab, housed in the Teacher Resource Center, offers teachers and students the opportunity to virtually visit the Museum and learn about highlights of the collection. Using Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) technology, students participate with Joslyn staff in real time through single point or multi-point connections.

The newly-named Nelson Teacher Resource Center is available by appointment only to teachers. Educators may also peruse a list of resources online and request materials for their classroom via the web.

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With questions, contact Laura Huntimer, Interpretive Media Manager, at (402) 661-3847 or