Free General Admission starting May 25
Joslyn Art Museum Announces Permanent
Free Admission Beginning May 25, 2013

At an afternoon press conference today [April 10], Joslyn Art Museum executive director and CEO Jack Becker announced that the Museum will no longer charge general admission, but instead will be free to the public year-round. Among American art museums, over a third have committed to making their collections available for viewing by visitors at no cost, among them The Baltimore Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Saint Louis Art Museum, and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO). In Omaha, it was founder Sarah Joslyn’s intent for the Museum to benefit the greatest number of people possible and be free for all to enjoy—a standard that was met during the first half of the institution’s history and that will be realized again now, in its 82nd year.

“This step for Joslyn—for the city of Omaha and the state of Nebraska—is momentous,” said Becker. “Today, the course of the Museum is changed forever as we return to the vision of our founder, Sarah Joslyn. She gave
Joslyn Art Museum to Omaha for the purpose of serving the entire community as an educational and cultural resource. Now, decades later, our mission remains to provide people with access to original works of art and the intellectual and emotional stimulation and inspiration they provide. The arts and human experience are intrinsically interconnected. When we engage a diverse audience in viewing, thinking, and talking about art, we ensure that future generations are knowledgeable about the past, embrace multiple points of view, understand the complexity of the world we live in, and harness the force of creativity.”

“The path to these goals is accessibility; to never deny the opportunity to view original works of art in our collection to anyone because of an inability to pay. At the Museum’s heart is its bond with this community and the deep ties Joslyn’s collection has with our city’s past and present. We are all made stronger when these connections are furthered and deepened. While we serve visitors from around the globe, it is the citizens of Omaha, and the state of Nebraska, who make this the Museum it is. We are grateful to have touched so many, and our relevance and identity only grows with our reach. That is why, after careful deliberation and an incredible gift of financial support from The Sherwood Foundation, we open these doors to all, always.”

The Sherwood Foundation,based in Omaha and led by chairman Susan A. Buffett, has provided the Museum with a grant to help defray costs associated with the waiver of general entrance fees. Buffett served on Joslyn’s board of governors from 1994 to 2005.

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