Hispanic Heritage Month Highlights
Spanish Colonial Gallery — University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) students of Dr. Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch completed a service-learning project to translate the labels in Joslyn’s Spanish Colonial Gallery. We are delighted that the English labels have a Spanish-language counterpart

Hispanic Cultural Festival — This fall semester, two levels of UNO’s Spanish language classes taught by Dr. Tocaimaza-Hatch will research selected artworks from Joslyn's permanent collection to prepare for conversations with our Spanish-speaking community. The conversations will be part of a service-learning project to produce a festival celebrating Hispanic culture, planned and marketed by the students (see page 22). Students are also creating a bilingual guide for the Spanish Colonial Gallery, and it will make connections to Spanish-related artworks on view in the Museum.

Creative Writing Contest in Spanish — The contest is open to fifth through twelfth grade Nebraska students; middle school criteria includes developing a narrative inspired by a Joslyn artwork. Event held in partnership with UNO College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages, Master of Arts in Language Teaching Program, and Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS).

Download printable scavenger hunt* to discover the selected artworks for the contest:
*If you're not able to visit the Museum, nine of the twelve artworks are online. Hover over the circular detail and select it if a URL pops up. (see example to the left)

Submissions due via email to cscgarcia[at]unomaha.edu by Wednesday, October 18. Contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 1!
Click here for additional contest information.