Scavenger Hunts

Here’s a fun quest to discover nine artworks in Joslyn. Use the picture details to find paintings in Joslyn’s Memorial Building. Take turns answering the questions and sharing stories with each other.

There are many wild things loose in the galleries here at Joslyn. It is your mission to go on an expedition to find these animals in artworks in the Memorial Building. How many
wild things will you find?

Spring has arrived and there are signs of it hidden in the artworks around Joslyn. Use the map to find all the Signs of Spring! How many will you uncover?

Summer’s here! Grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals and explore the Peter Kiewit Foundation Sculpture Garden. Use the limericks and the picture clues to find seven sensational sculptures.

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   There's more to see at the Joslyn than just the artwork in the galleries. Check out the amazing architecture!

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