Twentieth Century Art: Modernism and Beyond  

Please note: The items listed below are an approximate account of trunk contents. Actual inventory may vary from items listed.

*Teachers Guide with transparencies
    Off the Wall: Museum Guides for Kids: Modern Art 
    20th Century Art; 1910-1920 
    20th Cebtury Art; 1940-1960 
    20th Century Art; 1960-1980 
    20th Century Art; 1980-2000 
    Artists in Their Time: Jackson Pollock 
    Art of the Twentieth Century 
    Color Your Own Modern Art Masterpieces 
    Color Your Own Abstract Art Masterpieces 
    Make it Pop! 
    The Usborne Introduction to Modern Art (internet linked)
*Multimedia (DVD)    
    Paris The Luminous Years: Towards the Making of the Modern
    Modern Art: 20th Century Trends
    Artists of the 20th Century: Matisse
    Jackson Pollock: Art Documentary
    Calder: Sculptor of Air
    Art 21: Art of the 21st Century 
    10 Medium size images 
    The Twentieth Century art Box 
    Realistic or Abstract postcard set 
    Pop Art poscard set
*Games and Activities
    American Icons Activity Box: Pop Art Activity
    The American Dream Box: Build your own Skyscraper
    Breaking the Mold, Modern Art:
    Techno Time Activity Pack: Electronic Collage Activity