Ancient Egypt
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Trunk Guide
*Lesson Plans - Music in Ancient Egypt
                        Archaeologist or Tomb Robber?
                        Egyptian Bazaar
                        Ancient Egypt Vacation
                        Amenirdas I, the Divine Consort

*Golden Sarcophagus, King Tutankhamen's Coffin Case
*Musicians at a Banquet, Wall Painting from Nahkt's Tomb
*Painting from the tomb of Ramses IV, The Goddess of the Night
*Amenirdas I, the Divine Consort
*Weighing of the Heart Ceremony Papyrus
*Statuette of the Goddess Bastet
*The Falcon Horus
*Tut Cartouche
*Lion Hunt Scarab
*Stele of Ramses II as a Child

*Ancient Egyptian Art by Susie Hodge
*DK Eyewitness Books Archaeology by Dr. Jane McIntosh
*DK Eyewitness Books Ancient Egypt by George Hart
*Draw like an Egyptian by Claire Thorne
*Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt by Linda Honan

*Ancient Egypt Cities

*National Geographic Egypt Quest for Eternity DVD
*Ancient Egypt CD by Ali Jihad Racy

*What  do you know about Ancient Egypt Quiz Deck
*Egyptians Board Game