Virtually Connect to Joslyn
JOSLYN'S DISTANCE LEARNING program offers teachers and students the opportunity to virtually visit the Museum to learn about highlights of the collection. Joslyn continues to develop program topics as we reach out to more classrooms. To learn more or schedule a session, call (402) 661-3847 or click here to e-mail Joslyn's Director of School Programs & Interactive Media.

Thirty-minute programs feature a Joslyn artwork and interaction between your students and a member of Joslyn's Education staff.

Qing Dynasty's Eight-Panel Screen  
Learn about the Qing Dynasty, emperors, dragons, and the symbolism of the Screen.


Jesús Moroles's The Omaha Riverscape  
Learn about Moroles as well as discuss his installation in terms of inspiration, materials, and scale.

VFT (Virtual Field Trip) Early European artworks in Gallery 1 pictured below.