Interactive Art Exploration @ Joslyn

Scott EdTech Gallery
is an interactive learning center at Joslyn - the perfect place to begin a Museum visit or to take a break. Visitors are welcome to relax and read art books, view DVDs, do research, play on the computers and even virtually create art. The EdTech Gallery is also where you check-out family-friendly ART PACKS and Mobile Tours. Stop by when you visit Joslyn!

What's New?
Take a Mobile Tour!

Free Wi-Fi is now available in all Joslyn galleries. Bring your mobile device or borrow one of ours - just ask at the EdTech Desk!

Do you want to explore some of the websites highlighted on the EdTech Gallery computers? Click away!

Interested in volunteering in the EdTech Gallery? Call (402) 661-3823 or click here to e-mail Joslyn's Volunteer Coordinator.

For all other inquiries, call (402) 661-3861 or click here to e-mail Joslyn's EdTech Gallery Coordinator